We're on a mission to transform construction insurance

Creating intelligent systems for analyzing and transferring construction risk


Contract surety bonds up to $2.5 million in seconds

A streamlined process with fewer questions
We use advanced process automation and 3rd party data to streamline everything from submission to issuance.
Receive terms seconds after submitting an account
Our algorithm-based underwriting enables our platform to return underwriting decisions immediately upon receipt of submission, 24/7.
Industrial grade data privacy
Sensitive client data is encrypted in transit, at rest, and in memory and stored in a zero-trust privacy vault with fine-grained data governance. This means your clients are protected by the most advanced data privacy techniques on the planet.
Consistent underwriting
Our underwriting models don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed, change their mind or treat similar submissions differently. Instead, they're data-driven and perfectly objective.

We use deep underwriting expertise, boundary-pushing proprietary software & the right data to underwrite and issue contract surety bonds instantly


Expertise in underwriting, software development, operations and data science

Jack Genet
Founder, Underwriting
Adam Duff
Co-founder, Engineering
Lexie Ryder
Nick Benenati
Tommy Curley
Scott Tumperi
Data Science
Mark Gardella
Senior Advisor

Recent Updates

July 21, 2022

Introducing InRev

InRev is a Nashville-based InsurTech startup on a mission to perfectly understand and transfer construction risk with zero friction costs.
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